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A reliable, three-level series focusing on vocabulary and grammar, ideal for students at intermediate, upper intermediate, upper intermediate or advanced level. The Destination B1 Student's Book contains an up-to-date syllabus based on the B1 (Threshold) level of the Council of Europe's framework.

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to buy Macmillan Education titles in my country. How can I do it?

You can find a list of distributors for your country here.

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How do I purchase the class audio?

How to purchase class audio.

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I have spotted a potential error in your book. How should I report it to you?

Please let us know if you spot a potential error in one of our titles.

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Some of our books come with a key, what does this mean?

For some of our titles, there are two versions of the book: with key and without key.

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How does Macmillan Education protect my data?

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