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As a teacher, how do I create a class?

1. On your Homepage, click on the My Students icon located at the top of the page.User-added image
2. Chose the third icon, New Classroom, from the sidebar tool on the right hand side.

3. Enter the name you would like to give the classroom.

4. A code will be generated which you can then provide to your students.

User-added image

5. To assign content to this class, click on Assign and select the book from your library that you wish to assign to your new class.

6. Once you have created the class and provided the code to your students you will be able to accept or decline the students who have requested to join the class by clicking on the cross (x) or tick ()

7. You can manage the students by clicking on Students.  

8. If you click on Students, you will see a sidebar on the right hand side.

You will be able to send a message to your students , edit classroom , create new classroom , or delete a classroom.


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