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How can I use the Voice Record and Playback features in my English Campus?

To use the Voice Record and Playback (VRP) feature in Macmillan English Campus, permission must be given to the Adobe Flash Player to access the microphone.

When you click the Record button for the first time, you may see an Adobe Flash Player Settings pop-up. Select ‘Allow’ and tick the ‘Remember’ checkbox, followed by the ‘Close’ button. This will allow the Flash Player to access the microphone from within the English Campus.

If the ‘Remember’ checkbox is not selected, you will be prompted again to allow the microphone when you use the VRP feature on each new exercise. You can choose to remember this setting by right-clicking the audio player in your English Campus and choosing Settings. This will display the same microphone permissions pop-up where you can tick the ‘Remember’ checkbox.

Furthermore, the VRP function records an audio stream from your microphone to a Macmillan media server. Therefore it is essential that any firewalls in the network are configured to allow RTMP traffic on port 1935. If this is not enabled you may see an error like the one below:

User-added image

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