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If students are having trouble seeing their courses, there are several possibilities. As an administrator, please check the following:
Course is assigned to the class
Go to the Classes page. Find the relevant class, then click on View next to the class. After that, click on the Course tab. If there are any courses assigned to that class, they will be displayed here.
If there is no course assigned, go to the Classes section, click on Bulk Actions and select Update. You will need to upload a template with the class details and add the Course ID for your class. After the file is imported, the course will be added to the class.
Students aren’t assigned to the class
Go to Classes page. Find the relevant class and click the View icon. This shows you the list of students assigned to the course in that class. If you want to assign any users, go back to the Users page and click on Edit next to the user. Then below Class, select the class from the list and click on Save.
Course activation dates
Go to Courses page. Check if the course ‘Withdraw date’ has passed.  If this is the case, in order to reactivate the course, click the Edit button next to the course. Change the ‘Withdraw Date’ and click on ‘Save’. 
Also check the ‘Activate Date’. If the course hasn’t reached it yet, unless it is changed, it won’t be visible for teachers and students until that day comes. 
Class activation dates
Go to Classes page. If the class appears in light grey that means its ‘Withdraw date’ has passed. To reactivate the class, click on the Edit button. Change the ‘Withdraw Date’ and click ‘Save’.


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