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What level is most suitable for me/my student for Macmillan Readers?

For information regarding levels, please see the chart below:

Macmillan ReadersCommon European Framework (CEFR) Interagency Language Roundtable Scale (ILR, United States)American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages Proficiency Guidelines (ACTFL)New  Brunswick Oral Proficiency Scale (NB OPS, English and French only) Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB, English and French only)Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC, English and French only)
Starter (lilac)
Beginner (orange)
 A1 0/0+/1 Novice (Low/Mid/High) Unrated/0+/1 1/2 A
 Elementary (green) A2 1+ Intermediate (Low/Mid/High) 1+/2 3/4  B
 Pre-Intermediate (yellow)
Upper Intermediate (pink)
 B1 2 Advanced Low  2+ 5/6  C
 Upper Intermediate (Blue) B2 2+ Advanced Mid 3 7/8  


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