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How do I use the Straightforward Interactive Wordlist?

To access, go to the homepage once signed in and click ‘Enter Interactive Wordlist’. Select the units and select the categories that you are interested in.

You can check phonetic spelling, listen to the pronunciation, record your pronunciation, check the definition of the word or sentence, see how this word or sentence would be used in a sample sentence by clicking on ‘sort by most frequently used’. You will be able to see the words or phrases that are commonly used. Red words with three stars signify that the word is very common and essential to learn; two stars mean that the word is common; one star means that the word is fairly common.
Modify: Allows you to return to the main screen and modify your search options.
New: Start a new search from the main screen
Export: Export selected words to your computer in a PDF format
Print: Print your wordlists out.
Send me Practice: Email practice exercise to yourself for selected words.


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