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How do I see my class and students’ progress and scores on the Online Workbook?

Log in and click on Menu and Class management. Select the title of the class.

The first graph shows you the average score of the class. If you have other classes assigned to the same course, you can choose Compare classes and add other classes average scores to the graph.

Students within the class are listed below. You can see the date of their last login, and the total time spent within the site, as well as their progress through the course and average score.

Selecting the graph icon next to the student’s name will plot their progress on the class graph above.
Selecting the down arrow next to the student’s name will open the student’s individual graph, showing their average score for each unit. You can select a bar on the graph, or the name of a unit to the right of the graph, to view activity scores. When you reach the lowest level of the graph - the activity - you can select See last attempt to see what the student submitted for that activity.

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