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I am a teacher. How do I get my students’ login details on Navio?

There are four ways you can generate login details for your students so they can access the app. Select your class to open it again, and then choose ‘Manage Class’.

Option 1: ‘I’ll add my student(s) manually’
  1. Click ‘I’ll add my student/s manually’ and add the student’s first name, surname and email address. You can repeat the process as many times as necessary.
  2. To get student logins for the whole class, please click ‘Get student logins’. You will then be asked to confirm; click on ‘Get student logins’ to go ahead with the process, or click on ‘Cancel’ to go back. If you choose to generate new login details for the whole class, your students’ login details will open in a new tab in your browser for you to print out. Click on ‘Print’ to print out the usernames and passwords for your class.
  3.  To generate a new password for an individual student, select ‘New password’, next to the student’s name.

Option 2: ‘Use a CSV file (spreadsheet) to add my student(s)
  1. Check that your excel file is the correct format, as demonstrated: first name, last name, email address. Then, click ‘Okay, I’ve checked the format!’
  2. Add the file, either by dragging and dropping or by browsing for the file on your computer. Click ‘Next’.
  3. If there is a red error message, that means there is something wrong with the information or the format – please amend it. You will not be able to add the students to the class until you attend to the error messages.
  4. You will then be asked to confirm; click on ‘Yes, add to class’ to go ahead with the process or ‘No, start again’ to go back. 

Option 3: ‘Get student(s) to add themselves’
  1. This option is ideal for students that are moving to a different class, or have activated their code on a pre-existing Macmillan Education account.
  2. Please give this class code to your student and ask them to log in with their username and password, and enter this class code to join your class on Navio.

Option 4: ‘Copy student(s) over from an existing class’
  1. Select the class that you wish to copy from.
  2. Select the correct student.
  3. You will then be asked to confirm; click on ‘Yes, add to class’ to go ahead with the process or ‘No, start again’ to go back. 
  4. The student will then appear in both classes.

We are not allowed to send your students’ usernames and passwords by email due to the new privacy legislation. You will need to print them out and give them to your students.

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