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How can I add a class on Navio?

You can add a class on the Navio’s Learning Management system, which is online.

Please follow the steps below to add a class:
  1. From the Classes screen in the app, choose ‘Learning Management’.
  2. The first time you come to ‘Learning Management’, you will find that ‘Demonstration Class 1’ has been set up for you. You can edit this class or add a new one.
  3. To create a new class, click ‘Add a class’.
  4. Type your class name in the box.
  5. Then choose the course your class will be using from the dropdown menu. When you have finished, click ‘Next’.
  6. You will then see four ways to add your students to your new class: ‘I’ll add my student(s) manually, ‘Use a CSV file (spreadsheet) to add my student(s), ‘Get student(s) to add themselves’, ‘Copy students over from an existing class’. Please see our FAQ ‘I am a teacher. How do I get my students’ login details on Navio?’ for further information on each of these.

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