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My Gateway Interactive Classroom not working with my Windows computer, what should I do?

We have created an update patch which may resolve common issues with Gateway Interactive Classroom on Windows 7/8.  Please follow the instructions below and choose the relevant patch dependent on the level (A2, B1 etc.) of your product.

- Before running the patch, please insert your disc into your computer.
- Once the installation is complete, download the patch from the link that was provided.
- After executing the patch, The system will ask you to insert the disc on the computer. Click on ‘Ok’
- Your browser will open and you will be asked to download Flash Player from the link.
- After the file is downloaded, click ‘Start’ it to install Flash Player.
- Once Flash Player has been installed, click ‘Ok’ and close your browser.
- Confirm the disc location by clicking on ‘Ok’ on the new window that appears. Then, the installation will start.
- Once the installation is completed, access the product by using the newly created shortcut on the desktop.

- A2 -
- B1 -
- B1+ -
- B2 -
- B2+ -

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