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My Aviation English CD-ROM is not working with my Windows computer, what should I do?

We have created an update patch which may resolve common issues with Aviation English CD-ROM on Windows 7/8.  Please follow the instructions below:

Before running the patch, please insert your disc into your computer.
- Once the installation is complete, download the patch from the link that was provided.
- After executing the patch, The system will ask you to insert the disc on the computer. Click on ‘Ok’
Your browser will open and you will be asked to download Flash Player from the link.
After the file is downloaded, click ‘Start’ it to install Flash Player.
- Once Flash Player has been installed, click ‘Ok’ and close your browser.
Confirm the disc location by clicking on ‘Ok’ on the new window that appears. Then, the installation will start.
Once the installation is completed, access the product by using the newly created shortcut on the desktop.

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