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My Inspired Interactive Classroom is not working with my Windows computer, what should I do? 

We have created an update patch which may resolve common issues with Inspired Interactive Classroom on Windows 7/8.  Please follow the instructions below and choose the relevant patch dependent on the level (Level 1, Level 2 etc.) of your product.

- Ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Air installed in your machine. You can get it at
- Insert the disk in your machine. Please do not launch the program at this point.
- Download the patch from the link. If prompted with a security alert, select ‘Download anyway’.
- Execute the patch from your desktop and click ‘Ok’ when asked if the disc is inserted.
- You will then be asked to confirm the disc location. Click ‘Ok’ again
- This will begin the installation.
- Once this has loaded, click ‘Install’ before confirming the application location by clicking ‘Continue’.
- A final installation will take place before your product is ready to use. You will be able to launch the program once you have accepted the Adobe Air License Agreement.

- Level 1 -
- Level  2 -
- Level 3 -
- Level 4 -


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