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As a teacher, how can I assign homework to my students?

As a teacher you can assign homework to students who have joined your class.

To assign your students homework follow the steps below:

1. Log into the Macmillan Education Teacher App.
2. Click on ‘Homework’ then ‘+ New Homework’.
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3. Select the relevant course and class name from the filter at the top of the page.
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You can send homework to individual students by ticking the box next to their name. Alternatively, click ‘Select all’ to send to a whole class.

5. Select activities by ticking the highlighted blue box next to the activity name and click ‘Next’.
6. Now enter the homework start and due date, homework title and message. 

You can also include a link to share with your students .
This feature works well if you are using a video conferencing program to run online classes and you would like to send your students a link to the class.

7.To include a link highlight the text in the 'homework message' box and click the hyperlink icon. Enter the hyperlink and click 'Save'.

8. Click ‘Next’ then ‘Send to students’.

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Once the homework has been sent you will receive a ‘Successfully sent!’ message on screen.

To review the homework, you have sent to your students, click ‘See all set homework’.

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