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How do I access my resources on the Macmillan Education Teacher App?

You will need to log in at and download the Macmillan Education Teacher App. Once you have done this, log into the app.

First, select the course that you want to view. Choose the component that you would like to open among the ones available for your course (e.g. student's book/pupil's book, workbook or preparation and practice).

You will be taken to the contents page; from which you can select the unit/s that you want to download. Please see our FAQ How can I download my content on the Macmillan Education Teacher App?

Once you have downloaded the unit, click on the unit to open it. Then, click the lesson that you want to view.

You can click the Home button at any time to access your resources.

Click the Teacher’s Resource Centre option on the app. This will take you to the MEE portal, where you will be able to access worksheets, audioscripts, videoscripts, answer keys and wordlists.

Click to view the Test Generator either on the app or on the MEE portal.


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